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Help us collect data for the 2023 Content Marketing Salary report

Jimmy Daly
October 28, 2022

This year's salary report is presented by the great folks at Minuttia, an agency that helps B2B SaaS companies accelerate organic growth through data-driven content marketing and SEO. You can check out their customer success stories as well as the webinars they've done with us on content strategy, topic clusters, content briefs and audits. Many thanks to Minuttia for helping us make this report a reality.

I can’t believe we’re kicking off the fifth edition (!!!) of this salary report. You can read the updated salary report here.

We're asking for your help here. This is among our most important initiatives each year. Your contribution goes a long way towards making the content industry a good place for all us to work and grow careers in.

It’ll take a few minutes to fill out—that’s deliberate as we want to collect the best data that we can. We make the annual salary reports free and publicly available so that you can:

  • benchmark your own salary
  • negotiate a raise
  • pay new hires market rates
  • address pay gaps

New this year, we're donating $1 for each of the first 500 respondents to 826 National, a non-profit that helps young people find their voice through writing. So fill this out and pass it to a friend or two. Here's a pre-written tweet can you use. Thank you in advance!

UPDATE: This survey is now closed. The report will be published in early January. Thank you!

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