Episode 50 - Minuttia: George Chasiotis on the content recession. Is it finally over?

Jimmy Daly
April 1, 2024

This episode is brought to you by our friends at Minuttia.

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On episode #50 of Content Briefly, we’ve interviewed George Chasiotis, Managing Director at Minuttia and Founder at GrowthWaves, and discussed content recession, a diversified set of services and building teams, the nuances of a media business, and more.


00:00 Intro

03:35 Who is George Chasiotis?

03:52 Insights on the content marketing recession.

08:47 What is Minuttia?

10:22 Introducing GrowthWaves, a B2B growth newsletter.

12:48 Launching a diversified set of services.

14:34 Adapting team skill sets for evolving content marketing.

18:08 The evolution of GrowthWaves as a media company.

20:04 Changes happening in the content marketing industry.

24:12 Redefining content roles.

28:48 Benefits of outsourcing.

31:53 The role of reporting content marketing impact.

41:22 Learn more about George and Minuttia and get in touch.

42:15 Outro

Useful Links:

👉 Minuttia Website: https://minuttia.com

👉 GrowthWaves: https://growthwaves.com

👉 George on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/georgioschasiotis/

👉 Minuttia Impact Report Webinar: https://www.superpath.co/blog/webinar-how-a-simple-report-saved-our-agency

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