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Webinar: How to Use AI to Combine Content Marketing with Sales: A Captain Showcase

Jimmy Daly
July 10, 2024

We're hosting a webinar with Captain cofounder Richard McBeath on Thursday, July 25 at 1pm ET / 10am PT. Please use the form below to register.

Every content team is using AI right now, but most haven't figured out how to leverage its power for more than just efficiency. Captain has created an outrageously unique and powerful solution that solves this.

In this webinar, Captain Cofounder Richard McBeath will demonstrate how Captain automates insight gathering, creates your content strategy, executes it, optimizes content for engagement, and identifies your anonymous website visitors. All with the click of a button (or two).

Richard will cover Captain’s three key pillars: Create, Engage, and Identify. Captain uses performance data to craft strategies, then creates and distributes complete Campaigns that include long-form Articles, Narrated Podcasts, Audiograms, Infographics, and Social Posts. It then inserts a suite of engagement tools into the content that drive users into the funnel. Finally, Captain Identifies your anonymous website visitors that are fed directly to your Sales team.

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