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Meet the founders

Jimmy Daly

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Walter Chen

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What is the story?

Like most people, I became a content marketer by accident.

I was both thrilled and fascinated to learn that I could make a living writing. In the 10 years since, I've discovered a lot of other things about content by accident. I learned, for example, that writing can be the foundation of many different career paths. I learned that writing alone is not nearly valuable enough to scale a content career. I learned that guiding other writers, developing content strategy and selling content packages are all branches of the path I originally started on. I also learned that content marketing is rich with opportunities, but seriously lacks direction. Nearly everyone starts with content creation, and nearly everyone goes in a different direction from there.

Being a content marketer doesn't mean that you are just a content creator. It means that you have strong writing skills and can think critically. It means that you know how to craft a narrative and distill complicated concepts. Being a content marketer means that you've sharpened the "soft" skills that have become incredibly valuable in today's workplace.

We welcome your comments, feedback, suggestions and questions. Reach out to hey@superpath.co to get in touch.


Jimmy Daly, cofounder and CEO
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