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An Inside Look at Superpath’s Content Marketing Strategy (+ Content Strategy Template)

Cierra Loflin
September 19, 2022

Creating a content strategy for Superpath was one of my first priorities as the Content and Community Manager. I knew that in the process of writing the strategy, I would understand the business better and see how content could support sales and revenue. Plus, it would serve as my ‘North Star’ as I came up with topic ideas, using the strategy as an anchor.

I started by creating a basic value proposition that summed up the strategy in one sentence. It read, “We are creating content for mid to senior level content marketing managers to improve their people management and content strategy skills.” As they say in business, if you can’t say it in one sentence, you don’t understand it. 

Since Superpath has four lines of business with varying ARPU and sales cycles, the trickiest part was deciding on a content strategy that encompassed each one. We couldn’t have four different content strategies—we needed to prioritize and figure out how to serve our varying audiences.

Table showing Superpath's four lines of business, target customer, ARPU, and sales cycle for each

I decided to leverage the consistent stream of UGC content Superpath has with my expertise in content marketing and freelancing. The core content would consist of thought leadership content on team management, content strategy, and career growth. In addition, contributed content like $100K Club submissions, guest posts, and AMAs would diversify our voice and keep up the publishing cadence.

2x2 graph showing where Superpath fits on business model chart: mid to high ARPU and mid-touch sales
2x2 from Superpath Pro course How to Match Your Content Strategy to Your Business Model

Looking to the future, I planned to create SEO content once the site was more established, along with a few mid and bottom-of-the-funnel case studies and longer guides. Now that I knew what the meat of the content strategy would be and why, I looked for resources on how to structure it. 

A helpful starting point to writing the strategy was an Animalz post which explains a few questions every content strategy needs to consider:

  • Who Will We Write For?
  • What Will We Write About?
  • When Will We Publish?
  • How Will We Earn Traffic?
  • How Will We Support the Business?
  • How Will We Measure Performance?

As I worked through these questions, I was able to define our primary and secondary audiences, decide which metrics we’d use for reporting, identify distribution channels, and more. The strategy is a living document that will change as Superpath grows, but it’s a helpful resource that serves as our ‘North Star’ nonetheless.

So, without further ado, here is our content strategy that you can use as inspiration or an outline for your own.

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