What our listeners think of Content, Briefly

"Listened to the Sean Blanda episode on my walk just now and thought it was GREAT. I kept having to pause to jot down notes in my phone with ideas or things to think about, which is everything I can ask for in a podcast. Can't wait for more!"

Sarah Schaale

Director of Marketing at BrandJump

"This podcast had me at 'content operations.' And it’s on fire! I couldn’t stop listening as I cleaned, and now my house is spotless. Double bonus!

I really connected to Eric Doty’s interview. His journey from freelancing to becoming a content lead is really inspiring. I got a ton of insight into what it’s like as a one-person content team at an early startup. How do you build up a channel from scratch? What should you prioritize? How do you measure success this early? Superpath, keep ‘em coming!"

Jill Quash, Ed.S.

Managing Editor at Outlier.org

“I appreciate that the content offered in this podcast goes beyond the surface level, nod-inducing gibber jabber. The host is thoughtful in his choice of questions and follow-ups, so even if the content isn't an exact fit (industry, agency vs freelance, etc.), there are still takeaways that I can apply to my writing journey.”

Shannon Clark

Content Specialist at The Mentor's Copywriter
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