AMA with Georgiana Laudi, co-founder of Forget the Funnel

Jimmy Daly
September 17, 2021

Welcome to our AMA with Georgiana Laudi! She's the cofounder of Forget the Funnel, an education platform for marketers. (It's really good. I did a workshop with them on content marketing ROI a few years back.) Forget the Funnel has just launched a customer-led growth certification program for consultants, which you can read more about here.

Ask her questions about:

  • playing a larger, more strategic role
  • getting buy-in for your ideas
  • getting past "we need leads"
  • positioning yourself & your offering
  • better customer research

She's going to be responding to questions with Loom videos to save her fingers. let's do this!

I'm curious about getting buy-in for your ideas. I remember early in my career pitching what I thought were really good ideas and I felt like no one listened. A few years later, I pitched some of the exact same ideas and they resonated. I didn't know what to attribute this to besides just time. Any thoughts on getting people to pay attention??

Do you see a demand for soft skills in your education business? I assume FTF looks more at "hard" skills for marketers—let me know if that assumption is wrong and if/how you view/approach soft skills (e.g. leadership, storytelling, emotional intelligence, etc).

You had me at "getting past 'we need leads'." I'm always interested to hear people's perspectives on changing the marketing narrative a bit. How do you emphasize the importance of building brand awareness, authority, and affinity?

What advice would you give for scaling a content team (current party of 1) in a high growth SaaS startup? Obviously so much depends on the individual business, but I’m curious if there were lessons you learned along the way at Unbounce that may have applicability. Thanks so much!

I'm curious about founding Forget the Funnel. As someone loosely in the space, how has it been going from zero to real business? Any lessons you can pass my way?

There are no one-size-fits-all fixs here but I would love your approach for figuring out how to talk top of funnel leads and turning them into paid users of a SaaS product. In other words once you have the content dept humming, how do you make sure that work impacts the business?

I'm interested in knowing more about customer research to guide content production. Do you follow a specific method, scheme or workflow to conduct and process the research? How does it translate then into the content itself?

I'm curious what advice you have for senior content leads who are reporting into the C-suite for the first time? Any rookie mistakes to avoid?

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