AMA with Stewart Hillhouse, Head of Content at Mutiny

Jimmy Daly
December 4, 2023

Welcome to our AMA with Stewart Hillhouse, Head of Content at Mutiny.

He heads up content at Mutiny and previously worked at DemandCurve. Mutiny's content has gotten a lot of attention recently and you know frequently hear it mentioned alongside companies like Intercom and First Round. The playbooks in particular are exceptionally good. Stewart answers questions related to...

  • content strategy & distribution
  • AI use cases & skills
  • how to tie your work to revenue
  • his "owned audience" framework
  • why he doesn't milk content or community for metr

Make sure to check out his podcast episode here.

From the outside, your Surv-AI-vor campaign was really successful at generating hype. Huge kudos for remixing the tired webinar format. I guess I have two questions around that. 1.) Who, outside of content was responsible for that? What did collaboration look like there? 2.) Any big takeaways from a content perspective now that it's done?

Newsletters are top of mind for me at Dock right now. What have been your main plays for getting folks to sign up for Mutiny's newsletter? (outside of product sign-ups)

I know a lot of startup content folks deal with pressure to deliver short-term results when much of what we do is a long game. What kind of quick win projects have you executed on to help keep business stakeholders happy?

What skills have you acquired in the past year or two that have been valuable to your work?

I’m also curious to know if you have a hunch about something related to marketing and content that would work well but haven’t seen anybody try or do yet?

In your LinkedIn post, you mentioned "how to tie your work to pipeline (in a non-soul sucking way)" could you elaborate on that?

I show my dashboard in the video, but we're also having a session next week to go in even more depth about how we show marketing impacted pipeline:

I'm also curious about your experience with the CRO Academy. Do you think academies are still a viable content lane? any changes you expect to make to that next year?

What are your top tips for amping up content distribution beyond just optimizing for search and sharing to LinkedIn? I'm asking particularly for an enterprise B2B client selling into financial institutions, but would love to hear your broader thoughts as well.

Are “brands with media arms” a “zero interest rate phenomenon”? Will companies have the patience and capital required to truly build a sustainable owned audience?

How big is video going to be for Mutiny in 2024? It seems like y’all produce some great video content (still remember that rap video for holidays last year!). How about for your own personal stuff? Do you see doing more video content?

Hit Stewart up on LinkedIn, and check out Mutiny's newsletter to see his strategy play out in real time:

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