Content Strategy

Content Refreshing Workshop Hosted by Megan Mahoney

Jimmy Daly
March 25, 2022

Here’s the recording of Megan Mahoney’s recent Content Refresh Workshop. This is not a webinar—it’s a working session where attendees worked alongside one another. By the end of the hour, each person had a list of articles to refresh and a plan for executing.

Here's a rough outline for the hour:

  • Explain: 5 minutes – Everybody introduces themselves, I explain why content refreshing is important
  • Explain: 5 minutes – How to pick the right post and how to do it
  • Action: 5 minutes – create a list of the best posts to update
  • Explain: 10 minutes – Explain SERP analysis and how to identify key ways to make your post more valuable than what’s currently ranking in the SERPs
  • Action: 20 minutes – Execute SERP analysis for various posts we’ve identified
  • Discussion: 15 minutes – report back and show your SERP analysis and any questions and wrap up

Keep an eye out for workshops like this one. We’ll be announcing them in our newsletter and in the Slack community. Many thanks to Megan for making this happen! Check her out on Twitter at @mmahoney587.

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