ConvertKit for Content Marketers and Freelance Writers: A Quick-Start Guide

Jimmy Daly
November 8, 2021

ConvertKit is Superpath’s newest partner. 🥳

Their support helps us keep our Slack community free for everyone to enjoy, learn, connect and grow. As part of this partnership, ConvertKit’s creator educator Angel Marie gave me a tour of the product. It’s an exceptionally useful app and one that I’ve been personally using since early 2018. If you have questions, you can find Angel in our Slack group. And if you’d like to try ConvertKit for yourself or your business, you can learn more or signup here.

(Just heads up, that’s an affiliate link. If you signup, Superpath will get a kickback for the referral. It costs you nothing and helps us keep this thing growing. 🙂)

Okay, let’s do this. First, Angel will walk us through ConvertKit’s reporting dashboard, which includes a very cool proprietary “Subscriber Score” metric.

Next up, landing pages. In this video, I mention the very first Superpath landing pages. If you want to see it, you can check it out here. (Please don’t laugh!)

ConvertKit automations are awesome. As you’ll see in this video, I use them for all kinds of things like tagging, triggering new sequences and upselling.

All email tools allow you to send basic newsletters, but ConvertKit has a few smart features to help you get more opens. You can, for example, run an A/B test. ConvertKit will see which variation is performing better, then send all remaining subscribers to that version.

Angel showed me how to start and run a paid newsletter. This is a lot like Substack but powerful and quite a bit cheaper too. We also talk through how and why SaaS companies should consider charging for content.

Many thanks to ConvertKit and Angel for this partnership. To learn more about ConvertKit and signup, use this link.


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