Episode 5 - LaunchNotes: Blake Thorne's Content Strategy for a Series A Startup

Jimmy Daly
March 13, 2023

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Blake Thorne, Director of Content Strategy at LaunchNotes joins Jimmy to discuss how LaunchNotes' content team operates. Blake highlights the differences between product marketers and product managers and discusses the marketing strategies at LaunchNotes, the team's composition, and the role of content within it. The discussion shifts to the relationship between content cadence and quality, and whether a higher cadence negatively affects the quality of the produced content.

Blake and Jimmy also explore repurposing and remixing content, including how to do it effectively. They delve into the idea of an expertise database that writers can use to search for relevant quotes and information, as well as the process of building and maintaining such a database. Finally, Blake explains how the LaunchNotes team communicates, shares insights, plans, and strategizes in terms of marketing.

To find out more about Blake and LaunchNotes, check out the LaunchNotes blog, connect with him on LinkedIn and subscribe to Computer Sandwich. You can also see LaunchNotes content strategy here.

This episode is sponsored by Campfire Labs, a story-driven content marketing agency that helps businesses build brand awareness, connect with customers, and create demand for their product. Check out their website at campfirelabs.co to learn more about how they are helping well-known companies such as Dropbox, Notion, Clearbit, Asana, and Freshworks grow.

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