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Episode 58 - Ahrefs: Ryan Law on generative AI, events, and scratching the creator itch

Jimmy Daly
May 29, 2024

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In this episode of Content Briefly, we’ve interviewed Ryan Law, Director of Content Marketing at Ahrefs, and discussed his career transition from Animalz to Ahrefs, his personal insights on the future of content marketing with generative AI, and more.



00:00 Intro

01:51 Who is Ryan Law?

04:41 Ryan’s reflection on leveraging LinkedIn for new opportunities.

07:07 Ryan’s fresh start at Ahrefs and what Ahref is about.

09:52 Navigating Google Analytics and SEO at Ahrefs.

10:41 Inside Ahrefs’ team structure and content strategy.

12:02 YouTube's B2B potential and Ahref’s content creation process.

13:19 Co-leading Ahrefs’ content team with partnership contrasts.

16:49 A realistic take on the generative AI hype in SEO.

19:50 A caution on scaling content with AI.

24:04 AI’s potential in transforming Slack archives into searchable content.

25:52 Key takeaways from Brighton SEO conference.

27:48 Ryan’s personal development journey and side projects.

29:30 Bridging No-Code adventures and Python mastery.

34:06 Learn more about Ryan and Ahrefs and get in touch.

35:48 Outro


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