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Episode 64 - Mint Studios: Araminta Robertson on measuring content marketing ROI

Jimmy Daly
July 8, 2024

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In this episode of Content Briefly, we’ve interviewed Araminta Robertson, Founder & Managing Director at Mint Studios, and discussed her decision to niche down to fintech clients, her approach to setting up customer reporting to track ROI on content, and more.

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00:00 Intro
02:44 Who is Araminta Robertson?

04:01 Typical client at Mint Studios.

04:58 The ‘why’ behind niching down to fintech clients.

06:55 PPC vs. SEO in content marketing.

08:52 Mint Studio’s in-depth process for finding the right keywords.

11:53 Transitioning from freelancing to starting an agency.

14:02 Freelancing vs. starting an agency.

16:35 Fin-tech founders' approach to measuring ROI.

17:56 Tracking progress and reporting back to clients.

19:28 Setting up Hubspot reporting to track revenue.

22:49 Focusing on the most critical metrics in reporting.

24:45 Using paid ads and SEO together in content marketing.

26:31 Slack group for fintech marketers.

27:53 Learn more about Araminta and Mint Studios and get in touch.

28:28 Outro


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