Episode 7 - Slite: Melanie Broder's focus on thought leadership and great writing is paying off

Jimmy Daly
April 4, 2023

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Melanie Broder, Head of Content at Slite (and an old co-worker of Jimmy’s!) joins the show today.

Melanie is a writer and teacher in New York, who currently runs the Slite blog and newsletter. Slite is a modern knowledge base that drives action, thoughtful collaboration and confident decision-making for its users.

Jimmy and Melanie chat about the process at Slite, from content frequency to Melanie’s tips for editing for the right audience. They also chat about Slite’s new AI feature, “Ask”. Ask uses artificial intelligence to find relevant answers to a question based on all documents in your company’s database. For example, “How do I log my days off”, will result in a concise answer and even reference the documents it garnered the information from.

To find out more about Slite, visit slite.com. To learn more about Melanie, you can find her on LinkedIn and on her website - melaniebroder.com.

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