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GA4 Workshop with Ryan Levander

Jimmy Daly
June 9, 2023

Welcome to our GA4 Workshop with Ryan Levander! Here are some highlights:

  • Ryan talks about helping companies transition to GA4 before Universal Analytics goes away.
  • Ryan notes that transitioning to GA4 is a project, not a migration, and discusses the three P's of data: project, program, and product.
  • He defends GA4 against criticism and highlights its machine learning capabilities and focus on user privacy, as well as its integration with other Google products.
  • He also recommends a tool called Ga Insights for setting up custom alerts for any event, not just built-in ones.
  • They also discussed the benefits of storing data in BigQuery and using Google Tag Manager to set up custom events in GA4.

You can follow along with the slides here and watch the follow up video.

Thanks for tuning in! You can connect with Ryan on LinkedIn and Twitter. To read more about him, head to his website.

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