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How to Perform a Content Audit on Your Blog [Webinar]

Cierra Loflin
November 10, 2022

Welcome to our webinar on performing a content audit with George Chasiotis, Managing Director of MINUTTIA. MINUTTIA is an organic growth acceleration agency for B2B SaaS companies. Today we looked at George's strategy for auditing content. In this webinar he explains:

  • Data gathering & keyword mapping
  • Search intent, lifecycle stage, and CTA mapping
  • Prioritization & executing content refreshes and much more!

Watch the webinar replay below and follow along with the slides here.

Resources from this webinar:

Past webinars:

Thanks for joining today! You can connect with George on LinkedIn and keep an eye on the #announcements channel for news on upcoming webinars, AMAs and office hours.

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