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Ross Simmonds Office Hours: What Will Content Distribution Look Like in 2022?

Jimmy Daly
December 20, 2021

Ross Simmonds is most famous for …. many things. He’s the founder of Foundation and Hustle & Grind, a Twitter celebrity and YouTuber, and a prolific blogger.

A few weeks ago, a thread on distribution took off in our Slack community. Several people mentioned Ross as the expert in this area. So, I reached out to Ross to see if he’d be open to an informal office hours with our members. And, thankfully, he was!

This is the recording of our office hours. Make sure you check at Ross’ work at the links above. And here are some of the resources mentioned in this recording:

And here are a few of the questions that Ross answered:

  • On content teams, who do you think is best suited to take ownership of distribution? Especially since distribution takes time and nurturing relationships.
  • Any guidance on communities where SMB owners might be active? Alignable seems to be the best space, but curious if anyone knows how to really leverage this space or others like it.
  • For audio distribution for our podcast we currently use, do you have any recommendations for video distribution similar to Anchor?
  • Any specific tips for tapping into Reddit? Would the approach be to have someone who authentically engages in a few specific subreddits with a branded username?
  • What role should other members of your organization play in sharing content on platforms(such as sales reps, engineers, etc)?
  • How do you manage with Facebook groups where restrictions are heavy? Ex. We’re restaurant-focused, but any groups we’ve been able to join are filled with selling spam. The ones we’d want to get in for actual value we can’t seem to get in.

Hope you enjoy this. And stay tuned for more of these. 😎

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