Superpath Community Guidelines 👇

The purpose of this group is to connect people who work in content. Join this group to learn, share, support and contribute, not promote. Here are a few simple rules to guide our interactions in the community:
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Everyone deserves to be treated with respect. The goal of this group is to build each other up, not break them down. Discrimination of any kind won’t be tolerated. If you see it, please report it. We have removed people in the past and will do so in the future if needed. One strike and you’re out.

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Before you DM someone, please ask their permission in a public channel. It’s great if people want to connect over DM but we should be mindful of harassment. If you are getting unsolicited DMs, please report them.

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Don’t use @here and @channel. Moderators will use those from time to time to share updates, but they should not be used to draw attention to your posts.

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Please only promote your own stuff in the #promotion channel. Don’t pretend to use other channels just to get people to click on something.

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Please use the right channels, e.g. if you want a quote for an article, use #collab rather than #freelance. This keeps Slack organized and makes it easier for people to consume/contribute. Along these same lines, do not post the same thing in multiple channels.

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Use threads! Threads make it easy to follow conversations and prevent channels from getting messy.

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Put some effort into your questions. A good question is specific and comes with plenty of context. The more effort you put into your question, the better the answers will be.

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There’s a fine line between connecting with others and selling to them. We want you to make good connections. If those connections result in business being done, that’s great. But please don’t solicit other members inside Slack or over email.

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No backlink or guest post spam! Please feel free to ask for quotes or expertise, but don’t just swap links.

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