10-Min Content Teardown: Lasso

Jimmy Daly
November 14, 2023

Welcome to another content strategy teardown! This week, we're talking about Lasso. As always, we'll talk about its business model, then explore all of its content initiatives. To unlock this video, the rest of the series and so much more, check out Superpath Pro.


(0:03) - I just recorded a podcast episode with Jess Cook, who leads Lasso's content marketing

(0:23) - Lasso has a 60,000-person email list in the niche market of event management

(2:03) - Lasso has many features and upsell opportunities, which informs their content strategy to address different use cases

(2:59) - Lasso's primary focus is advocating for people who run events and creating a community through audio and video content, such as their podcast

(4:45) - Lasso's podcast plays a role in customer research, repurposing content, and reaching more people than net new content through a "repurposing multiplier"

(6:58) - Jess's company tracks a "repurposing multiplier" metric and builds repurposing into their content strategy

(7:32) - They create video content ranging from low-end production to high-end commercials, and use audio and visual content to reach their target buyer who is often on the go

(10:36) - Customer stories are a big priority for the team and they have developed a reader-friendly format with embedded audio and video.

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