10-minute content teardown: Bubble

Jimmy Daly
November 14, 2023

Welcome to another content strategy teardown! This week, we're talking about Bubble. As always, we'll talk about its business model, then explore all of its content initiatives. To unlock this video, the rest of the series and so much more, check out Superpath Pro.

(0:00) - Jimmy discusses the challenge of marketing highly flexible products with infinite use cases, such as Bubble

(1:32) - Bubble outlines their personas as founders, enterprise, and developers

(3:00) - The academy provides preemptive help docs and creates the opportunity for lots of pages rich with content

(4:04) - The focus is on educating people on the product and providing social proof through case studies and a template library in the Showcase

(5:19) - Jimmy discusses the importance of user-generated content in interacting with customers

(5:35) - They suggest making it easy for users to overcome hurdles through help docs, examples, and live chat

(5:52) - Jimmy analyzes Bubble's blog and suggests embedding videos and creating more visual content

(9:42) - They discuss the potential benefits of having third-party creators make content about the platform

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