10-minute content teardown: Kapwing

Jimmy Daly
November 14, 2023

Welcome to another content strategy teardown! This week, we're talking about Figma. As always, we'll talk about its business model, then explore all of its content initiatives. To unlock this video, the rest of the series and so much more, check out Superpath Pro.

Hey folks,

I've got a new content teardown today. Kapwing is a video editor to help companies repurpose video for other channels. It's a pretty slick tool and its growth efforts are led by Greg Ciotti. We recently had Greg on the podcast and I used this teardown to go in-depth on a few things we talked about. Namely...

  • Are blog posts your atomic unit of content?
  • How to use "free tools" as an excuse to build a ton of landing pages
  • How to turn search intent into product usage as quickly as possible

Here's the blog post I mentioned in the video: How Feature-Focused Landing Pages Drive Organic Growth

And don't forget you can check out the other teardowns here.

Have a great day!

✌️ Jimmy

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