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8 Podcasts to Help Marketers Level up and Stay Sharp

Cierra Loflin
November 21, 2022

Podcasts are an easy, passive way to develop your career and level up your skills. While there are some nuggets of gold out there, the sheer number of podcasts—4.7 million on Spotify alone—means you have to dig to find the good ones.

This curated list of podcasts is based on recommendations from the Superpath Slack community, Twitter and my personal vetting. I left out podcasts that were too promotional or took over ten minutes to get into the meat of the subject matter. I also looked for underrated podcasts that don't show up when you Google "best content marketing podcasts."

Below you'll find podcasts explicitly about content marketing and some on adjacent topics like product marketing, sales, and SEO. These tangentially related skills are important for career development and becoming a T-shaped marketer.

1. Supercharge Marketing hosted by Michael Cheng, CEO of Lumen5

This podcast is great for learning about the power of branding, storytelling and thought leadership. They do interviews with "forward thinkers" and B2B marketing leaders who are doing things differently. They have episodes on content strategy, product-led growth, emotional targeting, and more.

There's only one season of episodes (with hopefully more to come) and each one gets into the subject matter quickly.

Recommended episode: Building a Content Marketing Strategy: How to Convert Content into Revenue

This episode interviews Jill Warren, the former Editorial Manager of Content Marketing at Later, a marketing scheduling platform for Instagram. She talks about building the blog up to 2 million monthly views—relying only on organic content marketing with no sales team.

She explains how the content at Later needed to balance between selling the product and providing value. She breaks down the team's strategy for editing, ideation, development, and more.

2. Content Bounce House – hosted by Ryan Sargent, Director of Content Marketing at Verblio

The Bounce House is a casual, chat-based podcast where content marketers can "bounce ideas around," talk about a day in their life, and explain their company's content strategy.

Ryan interviews accomplished people in content like Emily Triplett Lentz from Calendy and Tommy Walker from The Content Studio, among others. It's easy to listen to and gives hands-on lessons from people speaking from experience.

Recommended episode: Caitlin Burns, Head of Content at HealthMatch

Caitlin talks about her role in scaling up content production at HealthMatch to 150 articles per month. She explains how and why she kept strategy in-house and outsourced actual content to Verblio.

Ryan asks interesting questions like, "How do you know you've had a really good day at work?" and "How does HealthMatch stand out from other health sites?" It's an interesting look at a content strategy with high-volume publication targets.

3. Lenny's Podcast: Product | Growth | Career hosted by Lenny Rachitsky, angel investor and author of Lenny's Newsletter

Lenny interviews well-known product leaders and growth experts to learn from their experiences on building and scaling today's most successful products.

The podcast mostly addresses building product marketing teams and product-led growth. But content marketers who focus on storytelling around the product will find the lessons helpful. Transcripts are available on the website so you can quickly skim through the interviews.

Recommended episode: How to build a powerful marketing machine | Emily Kramer (Asana, Carta, MKT1)

Emily Kramer, the author of the MKT1 Newsletter, talks about her career building B2B marketing teams at startups. She also elaborates on her famous 'fuel and engine' analogy. High-value content is the fuel; getting content to the right people is the engine.

It's a great listen for anyone who wants to reach a wider audience, get more results from their content, or hire people who can help get better results.

4. Content Logistics – hosted by Camille Trent, Head of Content at Dooly

This podcast features an impressive roster of content marketers and focuses on creating content that drives revenue. Each episode is based on going from "first draft to first customer."

Content can drive revenue in many ways, so the episodes cover topics like freelancer partnerships, SEO, writing, research reports, and more. They also have podcasts in video formats and detailed write-ups for each episode.

Recommended episode: Content-Market Fit: How to create the right content strategy for your GTM

Ryan Law, VP of Content at Animalz, dives into finding a content strategy that fits your business strategy. Ryan explains that thought leadership shouldn't be the default strategy for every business, but many companies can use it as a tool.

Anyone who's building a content strategy or tweaking their current strategy can learn a lot from this episode.

5. Marketing Against The Grain – hosted by HubSpot's CMO and SVP of Marketing, Kipp Bodnar and Kieran Flanagan

Kipp and Kieran share unconventional, counter intuitive ways to market your company in this podcast. The tone is unfiltered with lots of humor as the hosts bat ideas around.

It's good for keeping tabs on current and future trends in the wider marketing world and getting advice for strategizing, pivoting, and growing your business.

Recommended episode: Winners and Losers in the Next Generation of Artificial Intelligence

In this episode, Kipp and Kieran talk about the recent explosion of A.I., give predictions about where the tech is going and discuss its current use cases. The gist of the episode is that people who know how to work with A.I. will have a competitive advantage.

One of the most important skills to master as a marketer is knowing which prompts or input to put into the A.I. tool to get the best output.

Note: Check out our tutorials on using A.I. to work smarter and faster if you want to learn how to use Writer A.I.

6. Content That Grows – hosted by the team at Ten Speed

This is a highly tactical podcast on content distribution. They go in-depth on how to use channels like LinkedIn and Twitter, how to repurpose content, do topic clustering, and more.

In earlier seasons, they have interviews with content marketing directors at companies like Chili Piper, Databox, the Predictive Index and others.

Recommended episode: How to Measure Content Distribution to Prove It's Working

In this episode the co-founders of Ten Speed talk about measuring distribution, something that's not covered as often as distribution itself. They begin by discussing how tough it can be to track attribution or conversions and interpret data.

They also talk about tools to use, forecasting results, metrics to lean on to track progress, and vanity metrics. This is an information-packed episode that a lot of in-house teams and freelance strategists will find helpful.

7. Niche Pursuits Podcast – hosted by Spencer Haws, Founder of Niche Pursuits

The Niche Pursuits podcast consists of SEO breakdowns and interviews with people who have built niche websites. These sites eventually earn 'passive income' through affiliate marketing, paid memberships, and other monetization methods.

It's relevant for content marketers who do search-focused content, need to build backlinks or adjust to Google updates. Building niche websites is a great hands-on way to break into content marketing or further develop your skills.

Recommended episode: How Jon Dykstra Earns $100k Per Month From His SEO-Powered Niche Sites

This episode has a lot of good lessons on keyword research, backlinks, topical authority, and managing multiple websites. Jon Dykstra owns a portfolio of 20 sites and talks about updating content, his content publishing calendar and "future-proofing" those sites.

8. Content, Briefly- hosted by Jimmy Daly, Founder of Superpath

Last but not least, we have a new podcast of our own called Content, Briefly.

Our podcast offers unique insights on how top SaaS content teams operate. Host Jimmy Daly, founder of Superpath, interviews content leaders from organizations like Shopify and Slite to reveal no-nonsense advice about strategy, team structure, and attribution to help you advance your content marketing career.

Recommended episode: Klaviyo: How Tracey Wallace Operationalized Success

Tracey Wallace, Director of Content Strategy at Klaviyo, joins Jimmy to share insights on Klaviyo's content team operations, including their work structure, KPI reporting, and tech stack.

Klaviyo is a SaaS company that offers email and SMS marketing as well as customer data to the ecommerce industry. Tracey explains how CDPs are becoming increasingly popular among businesses that need to collect first and zero party data in order to improve their marketing, targeting, and lead scoring.

Want to add something to this list?

If you have a content marketing-related podcast you'd like to add to this list and recommend to other marketers, feel free to email Superpath.

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