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"There's just nowhere else like it on the internet for me."

"Content can be lonely work when you're an in-house team of one or two, and any time I need to brainstorm something or just bounce an idea off other content folks, I come here. Over the years, I have had so many questions (large and small) answered by this community. I have no idea where else I'd turn if I didn't have access to it anymore! There's just nowhere else like it on the internet for me."

Deedi Brown

Head of Content at Bubble

"I'm hooked on Superpath. Great community, great people, lots of opportunities, and I've learned SO MUCH from both asking questions and just lurking. Made lots of good connections too! The discussion quality has improved significantly also with the private model. It was a no-brainer to join, so I'll be here for a while! Thanks for putting together such a beneficial community"

Grace Townsley

Owner of Townster Creative Services

"I am not exactly new here, but recently renewed my subscription, and I just wanted to say that you have done such an excellent job with growing this community, and somehow still making it feel like a tight-knit group of only the coolest marketing peeps. (Not only the coolest peeps, but the ones who are also great at their craft.) Everyone here is so willing to share ideas and help each other out - its not easy to find that sort of thing these days. Bottom line, it's great here."

Erica Pollock

Senior SEO Writer at Agorapulse

“Joining Superpath and meeting Jimmy — those are the two greatest accelerants on my career growth. Superpath is the only marketing community I check daily (and I’m in several, both free and paid).

The focus on content marketing makes it stronger than other communities, with more signal and less noise. And the members are always responsive and knowledgeable — basically every content marketer I personally know is a member. I even keep in touch with my content friends in the DMs. As a content pro, this is your professional association — use it wisely!”

Ryan Baum

Content Lead at Gorgias

"I’ve been loving the group for a long time, but I have to admit — changing to the paid model had made a difference in the quality of the group conversations."

Mitangi Parekh

Sr. Marketing Manager, Content at eSentire

"The Superpath community is like being part of the content marketing Avengers — the community has so many talented, kind people to learn from."

Sean Blanda

VP of Content at Crossbeam

"I'm loving the group even more than before, the switch to paid channels has really reduced overwhelm from tons of notifications and increased the quality of the conversations for me."

Megan Hettwer

Freelance content writer & strategist

"I really like the vibe in the private channels, it's just active enough so I can meaningfully follow them all on a daily basis! I'm happy I decided to go premium."

Ziemek Bućko

Senior Content Manager at
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