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Accelerate Traffic Growth with "Meta" Content

Jimmy Daly
April 8, 2021

About seven years ago, I was working for a startup called Vero. I did a quick competitor audit and found that we were getting crushed by the team at They had a similar product and good content, but they were getting loads more traffic than us. (Shout out to my then-foe and now-friend Janet Choi.)

In my research, I found that’s founder had written a blog post about Verizon throttling his bandwidth when he watched Netflix. The article got a bunch of media coverage and everyone linked to Those backlinks lifted the site’s domain authority and helped them rank for all kinds of keywords that were very relevant to the business.

I was incredibly frustrated but learned a few important lessons:

  • You don’t have to play by the rules. There are so many creative ways to earn more traffic and links that don’t fit into the standard content playbook.
  • Almost any content that generates links will help your business. Building links to something even remotely related to your business helps every piece of content on your site.
  • It’s a lot easier to get attention when you aren’t trying to rank for keywords or sell a product.
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