This Is How You Create a Blog Post Template

Jimmy Daly
January 12, 2021

How do you create great content over and over again? The answer is almost frustratingly simple: process.

The better your...

  • content marketing workflow
  • style guide
  • attention to detail

...the more likely your content is to succeed. That means identifying all the little things that make a piece great, then baking those things directly into your process.

Todoist's blog post template is a great example. This is the workflow it uses for every single piece of content. It covers everything from internal linking and meta descriptions, to design and invoicing. When overlooked, small tasks like this add up over time. That hampers the progress of your content efforts, but it also adds more work to your plate. You should never have to wonder if that freelance writer submitted an invoice last month. There's already a task, a reminder and an easy way to check its status.


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You can use some of Todoist's templates to get up and running quickly.

In this video, senior marketing manager Fadeke Adegbuyi shows us exactly how the Todoist team uses a blog post template

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