Clearscope: Choosing the Right Keyword Is More Important Than Chasing Monthly Search Volume

Jimmy Daly
March 17, 2021

Search volume is overrated, says Clearscope cofounder Bernard Huang. Imagine searching for "how to get rid of pimples" and seeing a SERP full of results like "how to get rid of pimples overnight" and "how to get rid of pimples naturally."

Google has learned that searchers are more satisfied with those more specific queries. It's actually better to create content for longer tail, lower volume keywords that include modifiers.

In this tutorial, Bernard explains how to use Clearscope to do better keyword research and shows a number of examples to illustrate why keyword selection is so important.


Clearscope is an official partner of Superpath! To get a free keyword report, send a DM to Bernard Huang or Shannon Ratliff in our Slack community.

You can see the other tutorial videos in this series here:

And you can learn more about Clearscope's other powerful features and pricing here.

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