Clearscope: Why Content Optimization Is All the Rage

Jimmy Daly
March 17, 2021

Content optimization is no longer analogous to keyword stuffing.

Google has invested heavily in its natural language processing (NLP) software. This data is rich with context, intent and sentiment. Clearscope uses this data, along with IBM's Watson NLP API, to provide specific tips for improving content. This data can help writers more clearly understand what their readers are looking for, why they need it and how to provide concise and helpful information.

If you're going to sit down with a content brief, style guide and a few tabs containing research, you might as well also run your topic through Clearscope's optimization feature. It's peace of mind for content creators—a simple way to dot your i's and cross your t's before publishing.


Clearscope is an official partner of Superpath! To get a free keyword report, send a DM to Bernard Huang or Shannon Ratliff in our Slack community.

You can see the other tutorial videos in this series here:

And you can learn more about Clearscope's other powerful features and pricing here.

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