Survey: Are you fairly paid?

Jimmy Daly
July 12, 2022

We'll be running very brief surveys like this one a regular basis, probably twice/month. The idea is to collect data to better understand the state of content marketing. I believe strongly that there is a lot of opportunity in this field, but I don't believe that opportunity is fairly distributed. Surveys like this help to test hypothesis and collect data to prove/disprove those theories.

If you haven't already, please join our Content Career Growth Slack community. This is where we conduct these surveys. We'd love to have you there.

The next—and more important—step will be finding ways to address the problems we find. This week's survey is a good example of using data to prove a theory (that women/minorities are underpaid).

Our sample size is small, but I'd bet it's representative. We had 53 responses to this survey. Here's a breakdown of the answers to the questions (you can see the original survey here) and some quick analysis.

This survey was meant to capture sentiment, not actual salary data. Obviously, this means the responses are subjective. Still, feeling underpaid is bad for many reasons and once we collect real salary data, I'm hypothesizing that those people's feelings will be validated. (I'm planning on doing a much bigger salary survey towards the end of the year. See the most recent salary report here.)

Some key highlights/lowlights:

  • ~62% of respondents feel they are paid fairly vs ~38% who feel they are underpaid.
  • Men tend to feel they are paid fairly, while women tend to feel they are underpaid.
  • We had 15 BIPOC (black, indigenous, people of color) respondents, and among those, 9 out of 15 felt they are underpaid.

Do you feel that you are paid fairly?

What gender do you identify as?

What ethnicity do you identify as?

Breakdown of results by gender and ethnicity:

Breakdown of those who feel they are paid fairly:

Breakdown of those feel they are underpaid:

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