Episode 1 - Crossbeam: How Sean Blanda built a 55,000-person newsletter

Jimmy Daly
February 15, 2023

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Sean Blanda, VP of Content at Crossbeam joins Jimmy on the inaugural episode of Content, Briefly.

Sean shares his insights on building a successful content team, emphasizing the importance of trust and communication in a remote work environment.

Crossbeam's content team is divided into three pods: events, video and design, and writers. They hold regular meetings to catch up on tasks and campaigns, including one-on-one meetings with team members every Monday, team catch-ups every other Friday, and a writers workshop every Thursday.

Sean's experience at Crossbeam is a testament to the importance of building a strong team culture, even in a remote work environment.

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If you're interested in learning more about Crossbeam, their content team, or Sean's insights, visit crossbeam.com or connect with Sean on LinkedIn.

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