Episode 10 - Peak Freelance: Elise Dopson on the State of Freelancing

Jimmy Daly
May 15, 2023

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Elise Dopson, powerhouse freelance writer and creator of Peak Freelance joins Jimmy on Content, Briefly to chat about the world of freelance writing.

From starting a blog at the age of 12 and learning as much as she could, Elise quickly ascended to becoming a $100k+ earner in freelance writing by the age of 21.

Elise and Jimmy discuss Elise's process in taking the leap and creating such a successful freelance business at such a young age, her thoughts on the freelance market as it stands, what companies can do to work better with freelance writers, and of course, how AI is changing the space.

To read more on Peak Freelance and access the free Research Guide and Freelance Rates Report, head to their website.

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