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How to distribute thought leadership content

Jimmy Daly
April 2, 2021

I heard this question twice in the last week, so I figured I’d address it here.

Like most everything else in marketing, distributing thought leadership is a lot easier if you’ve spent a few years building a strong foundation (in this case, on social media).

We marketers experience this same problem in many ways:

  • “We need to hire a content marketer” (but don’t have an employer brand or any way to reach candidates)
  • “We need to grow our organic traffic” (but have terrible technical SEO and no backlinks)
  • “We need to get signoff from our CMO” (but don’t have a strong track record of delivering good results)

Still, these projects are urgent. You can’t write a thought leadership piece, then spend two years building a LinkedIn following to promote it. You might as well start doing that, but you need some tactics to get going right now too.

Here are my three best pieces of advice:

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