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How do you notify employees about new internal content they might want to read or share? Is there a way to make this easy via a repeatable process?

Jimmy Daly
May 24, 2021

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From my experience, I’ve only seen this kind of initiative fail. Your company wants to boost its public social media channels via a bunch of excited employees. But in reality, only 2-3 people ever reliably "engage” with your internal content.

Here’s why it fails: these initiatives aren’t treated like the marketing campaigns they should be.

The architects assume that employees are sitting around waiting for the opportunity to participate. “Build it and they will come” if you will.

Instead, here’s what I recommend:

  1. Conduct target audience research. Like any campaign, learn about the audience (your internal team) you're hoping to jazz up. What do they want to be seen sharing, what do they actually like, and so on. Their "sense of duty" to the company probably doesn't run as deep as the leadership assumes, unless your culture is 🔥.
  2. Read everyone in on strategy. How does engaging with your content align with both their professional and personal goals? If it doesn't, it's because your overarching campaign has no strategy, and/or you skipped step 1.

Bottom line: If as an employee, I know what the strategy is, it’s aligned to my goals, and the content going out is stuff I enjoy, well then... I’m engaged.

About the author: Jordy Fujiwara is the co-founder of Clear Crossing Academy - an e-learning platform for leadership, culture, storytelling and professional development.

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