Content Strategy

Content & Entrepreneurship: Office Hours with Walter Chen

Jimmy Daly
June 17, 2021

We sat down with iDoneThis, Animalz and Sacra founder Walter Chen to talk about his work over the last 10+ years. He used content to grow his first business (iDoneThis), created a content agency next (Animalz), and now sells research—aka content—to investors (Sacra).

In this conversation, we talked about:

  • How and why he launched Animalz
  • How to scale content quality when it really matters
  • How to coach writers
  • Why agency employees burn out
  • How content marketers limit their own careers
  • Why investment bankers are really just highfalutin content marketers
  • Walter's daily routine (which includes FIFA and naps)

You can follow Walter on Twitter and feel free to DM Walter in our Slack community with any follow-up questions.

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