Content Strategy

Promotion is hard, distribution is easy

Jimmy Daly
May 11, 2021

How familiar is this scenario…

You finish your work day around 5pm. Then you go pick up your kids or get in a workout or take the dog for a walk. Now it’s 6pm and you’re hungry. It’s time to make some dinner! You open the fridge and find some soggy celery, half a bottle of orange juice and three bottles of ketchup. Takeout it is!


This is basically how people end up promoting content. They publish a piece (it’s 6pm and they’re hungry) so they fire up LinkedIn and Twitter (open the fridge and realize it’s empty) but it doesn't work they have to resort to paying for traffic (getting takeout for the third time this week).

There’s a better way. You know this, of course, but I’m hoping today’s post sheds new light on how to improve your own promotion and distribution.

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