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Superpath has acquired Help a B2B Writer—Here’s why and what’s next

Jimmy Daly
December 8, 2022

I’m thrilled to announce that we’ve acquired Help a B2B Writer from its founder, Elise Dopson. Here’s some quick background information.

Getting access to subject matter expertise is a huge challenge for content creators. It’s often the difference between a great article that performs well and a dud. Help a B2B Writer is a two-sided marketplace designed to solve that.

The idea is simple—a writer posts a query that gets sent to a targeted list of experts. Those experts can respond, and the writer can use their quote or engage that person further. The expert side gets publicity and sometimes backlinks, making it the single best whitehat link-building opportunity in content marketing.

Help a B2B writer workflow

We’ve been running a similar exchange in our Slack community. The #collab channel functions much the same way but is a much less refined solution than Help a B2B Writer. We wanted to improve our version and considered building it out. On a whim, I shot Elise an email to see if she had any interest in selling before we did that. And she was! After a few conversations, we landed on a deal that worked for both parties.

Superpath #collab channel

I want to give Elise a BIG shout-out. She built this from nothing into an awesome marketplace that’s chipping away at a fundamental content marketing problem. She’s focused on her main business, a freelance community called Peak Freelance. She brings serious chops to it—she was making six figures as a freelancer when she was just 21 years old. She’s been wonderful to work with and we are thrilled to take the torch and keep growing Help a B2B Writer. Thank you Elise!

So, what’s next?

The first thing we’re planning is to integrate Help a B2B Writer into the Superpath Slack community. This will make it easier for content creators to submit requests and for sources to skim opportunities. 

Over the next six months or so, we’re planning to invest in the platform and UX, and will be rolling out some new features. You can expect to see things like:

  • 🏆 A premium tier with additional features. We’ll keep the tool free for writers and maintain a free tier for sources. A premium tier will be focused on features that professional digital PR and SEO folks need to do their jobs. More on that soon. :)
  • 🤓 A tighter focus on subject matter expertise. We’ll be making it possible for writers to schedule interviews with sources and for sources to respond to queries with Loom videos. Sources will still be able to submit quotes, but we want to create more options for in-depth knowledge sharing.
  • 🔏 More privacy options. We want to make Help a B2B Writer more secure and are looking into new options for email relay and forms that protect your contact information.

What else? We’re eager to hear from our community. What works? What doesn’t? What features would make this a “must-have” tool for you? We want to know.

You can always find Cierra and I in Slack, or feel free to hit us up on LinkedIn or Twitter.

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