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20 Writing Playlists for Deep Concentration

Cierra Loflin
May 11, 2023

Writing can be tough. Some days the words flow effortlessly, and other days it feels like you’re trying to pry a brick from a wall. On those tougher days. sometimes all it takes is the right music to get your creative juices flowing.

But not just any playlist will do. You need music that the unconscious part of your brain can listen to passively, while the conscious side of your brain writes away. The right kind of music won't distract you from writing, but still has enough rhythm and melody to keep your mind from wandering.

Below are 20 playlists for writing, sourced from a few Superpath Slack members. They include video game soundtracks, classical music, and other types of non-invasive beats.

1. Imperial March

Benyamin Elias, VP of Marketing at Podia, says he puts Imperial March (Darth Vader’s) theme on repeat. The intense classical sounds are great for writing that perfect conclusion or prepping a high-stakes slide deck.

2. Classicaltronics on Apple Music

This playlist is recommended by Molly Talbert, Content Marketing Lead at Switchboard. Traditional sounds meet modern beats in this interesting mix of electronics and acoustics. If you don’t have Apple Music, here’s a similar playlist on Spotify.

3. TV and movie soundtracks

These soundtracks are suggested by Content Marketing Strategist Danielle Love. They all have a different vibe with distinct tempos and beats, depending on the show or movie they were used in. This is a nice change from LoFi playlists where all the songs tend to sound similar. 

4. Writing Music 

Rachel Bicha, a Freelance Content Writer and Strategist, recommends this writing playlist she made with soft and melodic instrumentals. The songs are very relaxed, perfect for a calm afternoon of work when you just need something in the background.

5. Focus Mode 

Rachel also shares this 20-hour-long playlist she made with intense and upbeat instrumentals. These are great for when you need some extra motivation to start or end your day.

6. Ambience/ASMR: Writer's Library from the 1930s, 4 Hours

Priscilla Tan, Freelance Writer at Content Kapow! recommends this ASMR playlist. If you aren’t familiar with ASMR, they’re soft sounds like rustling paper or a crackling fire that elicit a calm and sometimes tingly sensation. 

ASMR playlists aren’t always the best at drowning out other noises, like at a busy coffee shop, but it’s great to put on at home.

7. Berceuse

“One of my best friends has this fantastic piano-ish/downtempo playlist that I love using to read,” says Eli Beach, Digital Marketer and Social Media Coordinator. 

This soothing playlist has a variety of styles, from classical to ambient electronica, and is ideal for relaxation and reflection.

8. Writing Flow by Julian Shapiro

B2B Freelance Content Writer Shreelekha Singh likes this writing playlist which goes on for hours. The tracks range from ambient to rock, with each song having its own unique soundscape. The tracks are calming and inspiring—perfect deep work.

9. L'Indécis

This artist is recommended by Protim Bhaumik, Director of Content Marketing at Authory. 

L'indécis is an electronic music producer and DJ based in Paris, France. He creates a unique sound by blending together elements of downtempo, jazz, and ambient music. His productions are characterized by dreamy, soft-focus atmospheres and hazy, lo-fi textures, creating a sound that’s both melancholic and uplifting.

10. LoFi beats on YouTube

Dan Moran, a freelancer specializing in content management and strategy, says LoFi is his go-to. There are plenty of Lofi beats playlists on YouTube, but one of the classics is this lofi hip hop radio.

11. Musical score awesomeness

Jill Quash, Managing Editor at Outlier recommends these artists if you like epic, cinematic music: 

12. Phonk

“This type of music hits the exact right mix of noise that drowns out my thoughts and consistent beat that allows me to be productive,” says Tatiana Morand, a Content Strategy Consultant and the Director of Client Marketing for How to SaaS.

Some of these songs are more fast-paced, perfect for tuning out background noise and getting in the writing groove. There’s a mix of laid-back tunes, as well as some slower, reverb-heavy tracks.

13. Pacific Rim Soundtrack 

Tatiana also recommends the Pacific Rim movie soundtrack, which has a mix of instrumental and vocal tracks. The playlist has a range of styles, from upbeat tracks like "2500 Tons of Awesome" to mellower tracks like "Physical Compatibility.”

14. Mozart

“I usually put Mozart on shuffle when I write. It makes me feel like a main character in the making,” shares Akul Chamria, Freelance Content Writer and Marketer.

Mozart’s music is timeless and has been used by writers long before computers existed. He has a unique and recognizable style that blends a wide range of influences, including Italian, Austrian, and German cultures. He was known for his melodic inventiveness and his ability to combine different musical forms in a single composition.

15. Do Work Son [Instrumental, Ambient, Downtempo, Trip Hop, Post Rock, Chill, IDM] 

This curated playlist is from Jessie Wood, Senior Content Strategist at an agency in Philadelphia. It’s a diverse mix of instrumental, ambient, and trip-hop songs. It features a mix of soothing and dark sounds that provide a unique listening experience.

16. Dark Academia classical & instrumental

Erin McGann, Content Marketing Specialist at SNP Group, created this playlist for her focused writing time. It has a film and library-exploring vibe and is perfect for creative work.

17. Elder Scrolls: Skyrim | Ambient Thunder Soundtrack

This game soundtrack is recommended by Jonas van de Poel, Head of Content Marketing at Unmuted. The ambient sounds are dark and dramatic, paired with strong sounds of rain and thunder. It’s ideal for getting in the writing zone and tuning out distractions around you. Here’s a similar playlist on Spotify if you’d rather listen there.

18. Septober

Freelance Marketer Alison Baldyga recommends this artist’s chill work beats for staying focused. 

Septober is a lo-fi musician known for his unique soundscapes and chill beats that take listeners on a journey through a world of sonic textures. His music is characterized by dreamy melodies, soothing rhythms, and a laid-back vibe that captures the essence of the lo-fi genre.

19. aivi & surasshu

Editor and Writer Alyssa Wejebe suggests aivi & surasshu’s music for writing. This duo specializes in scoring and arranging music for the Emmy-nominated series Steven Universe on Cartoon Network. Their music combines elegant piano and energetic chiptunes.

20. Pink Noise

Last but not least, Freelance writer Genevieve Michaels suggests pink noise to neutralize other sounds when working from busy places. Pink noise is a type of random signal noise that has equal energy in all octaves of its frequency spectrum. It is similar to white noise but has more low-frequency energy than high-frequency energy. The sound is often described as having a natural, soothing, and calming effect.

There you have it—a variety of playlists for writing to suit different concentration levels and moods. You can use these tracks whenever you need a creative boost or to get into a flow state.

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