What our community is saying

The community is a must-have

"Superpath has not only provided me with quality leads, but it has also helped me become a better writer and freelancer. The community is a must-have for any freelance writer looking to upskill and work with great clients."

Deborah Sabinus
Freelance writer

Consistent stream of job opportunities

"As a freelancer, you often work alone, without the support of a team behind you. Joining the Superpath community not only connected me with incredible peers, but I was also able to build out a consistent stream of job opportunities and build up my content marketing network."

Julie Simpson
Freelance writer

One of the best content marketing communities

"Superpath is just one of the best content marketing communities I've been a part of.  Not only do you get to interact with like-minded content strategists, marketers, fellow writers but you also get to learn so much. Superpath has opened so many doors for me - which I never thought I'd have the key for."

Ankit Vora
Freelance writer
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