What our community is saying

We made two hires

"Hey Jimmy - I wanted to let you know we made two hires through Superpath!! We're so pumped to have found them and so far so good. Thank you for building this awesome community."

Meg Scarbourough
Founder & CEO of Megawatt Content Marketing

Saved us hours

"Great candidates have become harder and harder to come by as companies realize the value of content marketing. Superpath saved us hours and hours of recruiting and reviewing candidates and helped us fill our role with an extremely impressive marketer in just a few weeks."

Len Markidan
CMO of Podia

Platform empowers me

"Superpath does a remarkable job of connecting the dots between writers and clients. This platform empowers me to work on projects that inspire and cultivate my passion."

Stephanie Trovato
Founder & Copywriter at Big H Content
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