10-Min Content Teardown: Customer.io

Jimmy Daly
November 14, 2023

Welcome to another content strategy teardown! This week, we're talking about Customer.io. As always, we'll talk about its business model, then explore all of its content initiatives. To unlock this video, the rest of the series and so much more, check out Superpath Pro.

Customer.io puts very little effort into blog content, and instead focuses on demand gen assets like webinars, guides and other gated content. It seems to be working though—they're on a $50m run rate and have recently expanded the product to include a full-blown CDP. I like this one because it's proof that top of funnel content isn't a necessity for every company. Hope you dig it!




  • (0:02) - Jimmy discusses how they came across Customer.io and their impressive revenue
  • (2:01) - Transactional email is the entry point for most customers, but they have recently rolled out a customer data platform (CDP)
  • 3:01) - Customer.io has been moving away from product-led growth (PLG) towards enterprise marketing strategies, as top of funnel content doesn't work well for them
  • (5:12) - The main nav on their website doesn't link to a blog, but instead focuses on community, documentation, webinars and guides, and customer success
  • (5:59) - Jimmy explores the community and webinars/guides sections of the website, noting the heavy lead generation tactics used in the gated content
  • (8:31) - Jimmy discusses the gated nature of Customer.io's tutorials and wonder if there is other tutorial content in the community
  • (9:15) - Jimmy reviews Customer.io's blog and find it unimpressive, with poor design and limited navigation. They note that the blog link is not in the main navigation and speculate that the company may be de-emphasizing the blog in favor of demand gen type content.
  • (10:46) - Jimmy looks at Customer.io's Ahrefs profile and finds that they are ranking for some keywords related to their blog content, but not many. They also note that their backlink profile is not very impressive, but acknowledge that the company is growing and making legitimate revenue.
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