Content Strategy

An Intro to Product-Led Content Marketing w/ Fio Dossetto

Jimmy Daly
June 23, 2021

I'm really excited to release a new guest lesson from Dr. Fio Dossetto. She's the content marketing manager at Aula and was previously the senior editor at Hotjar. She also runs the excellent Content Folks newsletter.

In this lesson, she talks about:

  • Why product-led content is better than bottom of funnel content
  • How to talk about your product without selling
  • Why you should score your keyword research by "impact"
  • How to earn more conversions from existing content
  • How to make your product more transparent and accessible

I love her perspective on this topic and I think you will too. Also, please feel free to follow-up with Fio in Slack—she's one of our power users.

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