How to Create Better Content Briefs, Faster

Jimmy Daly
December 9, 2020

Content briefs don't automatically make your content better, but they are key part of an efficient and productive workflow.

Anyone who's ever been on the giving or receiving end of a content brief knows this—a good content brief keeps projects on track. It's the best way to scope out a writing project and reduce the risk of major revisions late in the process.

Kane Jamison knows this problem well. He started a content agency back in 2012 and has refined a smooth process for creating briefs. Now, that workflow has been baked into his new product, Content Harmony.

Superpath readers and CMCG Slack members can get their first 10 briefs for $10. Use this link to get started:

The Content Brief Workflow

As Kane says, "more time planning and less time doing" is something he learned the hard way. Agency and freelance writing projects often go off the rails because of this. If you're billing by the hour or word, that is valuable time lost.

Kane sets his writers up for success by (1) clearly thinking through every piece of content before he assigns it and (2) giving his writers the context they need to do good work. He leaves plenty of room for editorial freedom, but ensures that the final product meets his (or his client's) expectations.

Content Harmony is a really cool application that bakes his many years of experience into a simple interface. In the video below, Kane walks us through how it works.

As Kane walked me through Content Harmony, I kept thinking how nice it would be to be the writer on the other end of a brief like this. In 10 years as a writer, I've been on the receiving end of some bad briefs. It's a headache for everyone involved.

If you want to level-up your briefs and improve your workflow, you can try Content Harmony for just $10. Use this link and tell Kane where you found him:

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