How to Find High-Quality Data Points For Your Content

Jimmy Daly
March 2, 2023

This post is sponsored by the good folks at Waldo. Waldo helps you find what you need faster–datapoints, contact info, insights, and more–by making Google search more productive. You can try the Waldo chrome extension for free.

Waldo is a great tool for quickly finding high quality data points. With its x-ray feature, you can bypass the noise and get to the useful data quickly. It also allows you to filter your search results by domain and region, ensuring that you get the most relevant and up-to-date information.

Additionally, Waldo pulls out the useful parts of results in an easily skimmable, searchable format, providing more insight without ever having to leave the page. This makes Waldo an invaluable tool for content marketers, journalists, web researchers, strategists, financial analysts and academics who need to quickly find the facts and trends they need.

Here, Justin Wohlstadter, the founder and CEO of Waldo gives a quick tutorial on how to find well-sourced, high quality data using Waldo.

You can explore more use cases for Waldo here: Writing Is the Easy Part: How Great Content Marketing Begins with Smart Research.

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