How to Create Twitter and LinkedIn Copy From an Existing Blog Post

Jimmy Daly
November 17, 2022

Writer is now an official Superpath partner! Its A.I. writing platform offers a suite of features to power smarter, faster work. Superpath members can get 20% off enterprise plans—just let them know you came from Superpath. By the way, the following post was written with Writer. 🙂

As a writer, you know how important it is to get your work out there. But you also know that it's not always easy to find the time or energy to promote your work on social media. That's where Writer's A.I. comes in. You can automatically create Twitter and LinkedIn posts from your blog posts, making it easy to get the word out about your latest work.

Writer's A.I. is designed to adhere to character limits, so you can simply copy and paste into tools like Buffer and Hootsuite. And because it gives you lots of variations, you can use it as a chance to brainstorm, then pick the ones you like best. Here's Writer CEO May Habib showing how it works.

May Habib: Hi, everyone. I'm May, from Writer, an AI writing platform for teams. And we're doing a bunch of tutorial videos for the Superpath community. Excited to dive in for you.

Jimmy Daly: Okay, so next up we'll talk distribution. So you've got, you've generated headlines, you've got a brief, you've written the article, now it's time to distribute it. In my experience, this is one of the things that really good teams execute on really well. It's just built into their process.

I'm personally very guilty of publishing stuff and just hoping for the best, partially because it's time consuming to go and do all the distribution stuff that's required in order to ... Whatever you've got to do, you've got to play the algorithm, right? You've got to do it really consistently. You've got to build the readership, all those good things. So curious, May, where does Writer fit in with this? Can it help with social, email, et cetera?

May Habib: Absolutely. So much of the work in building an audience is that distribution. And there can be a lot of writer's block that faces folks as they think about, what should I email that editor of that blog to link to my piece? Or the person who owns that newsletter? Or the person who I know is active in a Slack community? So we've really tried to help with that by building a set of outputs that can be generated automatically.

So let me walk you through exactly that. I am going to pull up a piece here by our awesome customers at Ellevest, a piece about the US dollar, and head to here. Start from scratch, and I'm just going to paste in my copy. And the highlights feature is up here in the editor on the right, and clicking highlights automatically gets me the meta description that I am going to want to send to my CMS person. That is already optimized.

Jimmy Daly: So you copied and pasted the whole article?

May Habib: Yeah.

Jimmy Daly: Okay.

May Habib: I did. Yeah.

Jimmy Daly: Wow, that's really interesting.

May Habib: Yeah. So in this article we'll explore the reasons behind the US dollar's recent strength and what it means for investors. Some folks have sent to us for training, actually their meta descriptions that they love, that they think have worked really well. So even the things that we have optimized out of the box can be further optimized by customer. This is actually a pretty technical piece. This is a financial literacy website, and they've done an amazing job. And so this is an editorial summary that then they could use to distribute the piece, email it up to newsletters, send it out internally, get sales to use it.

A lot of folks have a lot of content that nobody in the company uses because they're not really sure what it is, so these summaries come in really handy. LinkedIn and Twitter copy that allows folks to just instantly be able to share it. And this also is trainable on people's brand voices. So in the case of Ellevest, actually, we trained Twitter and LinkedIn to be different for their company accounts, as for their CEO's account because she-

Jimmy Daly: Interesting.

May Habib: ... writes in a different brand voice.

Jimmy Daly: That's super cool.

May Habib: And again, this is especially for teams that are on a dozens a month type of cadence of pieces across products, across audiences. It can take days to create distribution ready content. And so this definitely helps folks get things shipped.

Jimmy Daly: And so could you in theory create five tweets per piece, which you can then just copy and paste into your Hootsuite or Buffer accounts?

May Habib: Yep, absolutely. And let's actually, just to show, so lots of folks have created custom templates like that, but to kind of go to the Ask Writer Anything, so you can see what's possible, I literally can say even without having any of that work, generate an engaging Twitter thread on the US dollar for a Gen Z audience. And I'm going to do on the strengthening US dollar.

Jimmy Daly: And so that's the whole article that you just pasted in the context field?

May Habib: Yeah. We do have a word limit here, so I'm just going to take out a little bit of it.

Jimmy Daly: That's so cool.

May Habib: You would definitely want to train it specifically on Twitter, but it is for sure a great way to take a very technical piece of content and get it down into just bullets.

Jimmy Daly: That's really cool. Really cool. I feel like for people who want to use this, check out a tool called Typefully. It's for scheduling Twitter threads. It makes it so much easier to put together Twitter threads. And this would be, I mean, the way that I do it is all manual right now, but you can imagine you just put it in here, you get your four, five, six tweets out of it, you schedule it, you're done. Which is what a cool way to do it. And such a time saver. I love it.

May Habib: Awesome, awesome.

Jimmy Daly: Okay, cool. This is super interesting. So you had teased style guides and adherence to brand guidelines, which is the next thing we'll chat about. So why don't we jump over there? We'll have a link, of course, to that, and we'll see you over there.

Okay, cool. There you go. Thank you so much, May, and your team over at Writer for being such a great partner to us at Superpath. You're building an awesome product. We really appreciate you spending time to help us get up and running with it. And frankly, your support is what helps us keep this community free, so we really are grateful for that.

For those watching, if you do want to learn more and give Writer a try, go to writer.com. There's a couple of different plans you can choose from. There's also a free tier if you just want to kick the tires. So writer.com. Thanks so much for watching, and thanks so much to the team at Writer for your support. Take care, everybody.


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