How to Turn Case Studies Into Sales Enablement with A.I.

Jimmy Daly
November 17, 2022

Writer is now an official Superpath partner! Its A.I. writing platform offers a suite of features to power smarter, faster work. Superpath members can get 20% off enterprise plans—just let them know you came from Superpath. By the way, the following post was written with Writer. 🙂

When it comes to sales and marketing, it's important for teams to stay on the same page. After all, sales and marketing are two halves of the same coin - one can't exist without the other.

That's where Writer's A.I. platform comes in. With Writer's A.I., sales and marketing teams can easily stay aligned by turning case studies into sales emails and customer stories into outreach for trial users.

Writer's A.I. platform is the perfect tool for sales and marketing teams who want to stay aligned. With its easy-to-use interface, it only takes a few minutes to turn case studies into sales emails and customer stories into outreach for trial users. Plus, with Writer's A.I.'s insights and analytics, teams can track their progress and see what's working and what's not.

If you're looking for a way to help sales and marketing teams stay aligned, Writer's A.I. platform is the perfect solution. Here's CEO May Habib showing how it's done.

May Habib: Hi everyone. I am May with Writer and we are doing a series of tutorials with Jimmy from Superpath on what Writer can do for content marketing and content marketing workflows. Very excited to dive in.

Jimmy Daly: Okay, cool. Next up we're going to talk about summarizing content for sales. So the kind of greater theme here would be sales marketing alignment, trying to find easier ways to get the marketing resources into the hands of a salesperson. Pretty tedious to take your 2000 word case study and read through it to find key points and things like that. So I'm curious, May, how Writer approaches this and if we can see an example of how it actually works in reality.

May Habib: Yeah, absolutely. This happens to us a lot. We write a beautiful case study that is super impactful and shows off the product and the customer engagement so well and then you want people to see it. And the best way to do that is to get your sales folks to send it to prospects. And so I want to walk through what we can do here. I've copied all of the content that is in this blog post into my clipboard and I'm going to go into Ask Writer anything. I'm going to paste it in here as my context.

And then up here I am going to ask Writer to summarize it for me, but summarize it in a really specific way. So I want to write a personal email from a Writer sales rep to a prospect summarizing this case study blog post. And I want to make sure that it includes a quote from car. Now we have actually been pretty successful at training sales reps to use Writer and basically generate some of their own content, but most often it's a sales enablement person or a marketer kind of doing this. So let's take a second to read that.

Jimmy Daly: I like the specificity of the direction. So I've been using Writer to write the posts that go along with these videos, which is sort of meta and I guess I didn't think I even realized you could be that specific. I was saying write 400 words summarizing, which I'd give the transcript of the video and I was sort of tweaking it to get it to where I wanted, but I don't think I realized you could be that specific. That's very interesting.

May Habib: Yeah, and this is why our customer community is such an important part of just being able to adopt Writer. These are the kinds of things that we teach. Our goal is to create a couple AI whisperers at every customer who are just really good at understanding how to tweak this. And actually this is very much like me to that person. Let me actually do another example of this so you can see how even just clicking generate again can give you another angle. And then we can tweak a little bit actually the prompt so you can see. I actually like this version a little bit better. Now watch this. I'm going to take this out. So this is very much a rep to a prospect. Now let's do write a email from the Writer marketing team to all trial users summarizing the blog post. I haven't tried this before, but this is the level of specificity.

Jimmy Daly: That's so cool. That's so interesting.

May Habib: That's completely different tone when people go on to many. Yeah.

Jimmy Daly: I love that. Honestly, the first thing I think when I see this is that at some point teams are going to have a person on their team, a dedicated person to train the AI and to do, you know what I mean? And the output of that person is going to be insane. They're going to be able to just cover so much ground so quickly. That is so interesting.

May Habib: We talk about teams enabling more people to write and then 10 X-ing the people who are the writers. So it's a double benefit to writers, a lot more people you can trust to write on your behalf. And then the folks who are officially your writers, their output is 10 x-ed. So that is the goal of the product.

Jimmy Daly: Amazing. That's super cool. So then you could take this and some teams have a library or another tool that they use to keep all their assets for... Yeah, exactly. So, you do that, you copy and paste and you're done. Now your case study's going to get maximum traction. Okay, cool. Super cool. So next up we're going to talk about product marketing, so we'll jump into that and we'll see you there.

Okay, cool. There you go. Thank you so much, May and your team over at Writer for being such a great partner to us at Superpath. You're building an awesome product. We really appreciate you spending time to help us get up and running with it. And frankly, your support is what helps us keep this community free. So we really are grateful for that. For those watching, if you do want to learn more and give Writer a try, go to writer.com. There's a couple of different plans you can choose from. There's also a free tier if you just want to kick the tires. So writer.com. Thanks so much for watching and thanks so much to the team at Writer for your support. Take care everybody.


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