How to Find Internal Linking Opportunities with Writer's A.I. Platform

Jimmy Daly
November 17, 2022

Writer is now an official Superpath partner! Its A.I. writing platform offers a suite of features to power smarter, faster work. Superpath members can get 20% off enterprise plans—just let them know you came from Superpath. By the way, the following post was written with Writer. 🙂

If you're a content marketer, you know how important it is to have a solid SEO strategy. After all, what's the point of creating great content if no one will ever see it?

One of the best ways to improve your SEO is through internal linking. Internal links are links from one page on your website to another page on your website. They help search engines crawl your site and understand your site's structure.

However, most content marketers don't take advantage of internal linking. According to a report by Animalz, the median number of internal links in SaaS blog posts is zero.

That's where Writer's A.I. comes in. It will crawl your site to find pages to link to, then automatically suggest them while you're writing. This makes it easy to add internal links to your content, without having to think about it.

Not only will this improve your SEO, but it will also make your content more user-friendly. Your readers will appreciate being able to easily find related content on your site.

So if you're looking for an easy way to improve your SEO, be sure to check out Writer's A.I. Here's CEO May Habib showing how it works.

May Habib: Hi everyone. I'm May from Writer, an AI writing platform for Teams, and we're doing a bunch of tutorial videos for the Super Path community. Excited to dive in for you.

Jimmy Daly: You've just told me off camera that there is a brand new feature that the team is launching literally as we speak, or at least as we're recording this right now. Could you cue it up and walk us through it?

May Habib: Yeah, absolutely. So a big pain in content marketing is writing amazing content, and then linking it internally to each other. So we came up with a feature called Magic Links, and I'm going to show you how it works. I've got the same blog post that we were looking at before, and I've got it copied into an editor page in Writer. And then I have clicked this Magic Links, I'm going to click it again so folks can see, this Magic Links icon here. What Writer will now do is automatically suggest links that I can add to this article from my own domain.

Jimmy Daly: Oh wow.

May Habib: So within setup, you go to setup, under content gen, magic links. I've added the Writer domain, Writer has crawled 219 pages. We've got folks where this is in the thousands, and I am going to go back into my content editor and let's do ... I know we've got a lot of pieces on quality content. I'm going to highlight quality content here, and I'm going to click find links. And I have got now ...

Jimmy Daly: That is slick.

May Habib: Oh, I love this. Thank you writer, because we actually ... This piece is a really important one, and we just released it. So now I'm actually going to go back, this is a piece we published already, and we're going to add that link to the published piece and send people this blog post. This case study gets a lot of traffic. So that is Magic Links in a nutshell.

Jimmy Daly: That is really slick. I love that. A few years ago, animals did a content benchmark report and they analyzed a couple hundred SaaS websites, and found that even though everyone knows internal links are super important, that the median number of links within an article is zero, which is unbelievable.

May Habib: Oh my gosh. That's unbelievable.

Jimmy Daly: So what an awesome way to just speed up, because this is part of the problem is you have a big library. So that's really cool feature.

May Habib: Yep, absolutely. Let's do another one just for fun. Let's do basic grammatical type corrections. Because I know we've got a lot of content here. I'm going to do fine links. There we go. Your guide to AI writing software. Yep, please add that in.

Jimmy Daly: That's awesome.

May Habib: And yeah, it's super fun to now not have this problem.

Jimmy Daly: That's great. Content folks are going to absolutely love that. Well, cool. Well May, thank you so much.

May Habib: Thank you, Jimmy.

Jimmy Daly: It's just been such a pleasure getting to spend this time with you. For me it's just been a personal tutorial to learn so much about AI, and Writer specifically. Really looking forward to getting this stuff out to our team, and we look forward to having you on the webinar. Obviously we'll be linking to that too. So if you're watching us later, we'll have a recording with that. And anyways, can't thank you enough.

May Habib: Thank you so much, Jimmy. This was really fun.

Jimmy Daly: Okay, cool. There you go. Thank you so much, May, and your team over at Writer for being such a great partner to us at Super Path. You're building an awesome product. We really appreciate you spending time to help us get up and running with it. And frankly, your support is what helps us keep this community free. So we really are grateful for that.

For those watching, if you do want to learn more and give Writer a try, go to writer.com. There's a couple of different plans you can choose from. There's also a free tier if you just want to kick the tires, so writer.com. Thanks so much for watching, and thanks so much to the team at Writer for your support. Take care, everybody.

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